Church Membership

We warmly welcome any person who trusts and obeys the Lord Jesus Christ and has passed through the baptismal waters to consider whether this may be the church of which they should become a member. Church membership is a great privilege but it is also a serious commitment not to be entered into lightly. It is more than having your name on a church roll or a spot in the cemetery. It involves a commitment to faithful attendance and active involvement and support in the life and fellowship of the body. Therefore church membership is not something to rush into thoughtlessly and carelessly.

Jesus Christ has ordained that His people become part of a local assembly or local church where such exists, for the purpose of worshipping and serving Him together, receiving Instruction In His Word and being accountable to one another. Church membership has been well-defined as "a voluntary, openly expressed, earnest commitment to obey Christ's directives regarding church life In reference to a specific congregation." We find In the New Testament that churches had a recognizable, countable, openly committed membership and each member Is directed not to forsake the stated meetings of the church of which they are a part (Heb. 10:25). The local church is represented as a distinct group that could be counted, added to and joined, called upon to select leaders from among Itself, be officially gathered together for worship, exercise discipline, and be assigned to the care of pastors (Acts 2:41-47; Acts 5:11-13; Acts 6:1-3; Acts 14:27; 1 Cor. 14:23-25; Mt. 18:15-17, 1 Cor.5; Acts 20:281 Peter 5:1-3).


The church membership reserves the exclusive right, based on biblical guidelines, to determine who shall be members of this Church body and the conditions of such membership. The membership of this Church shall be all persons whose names are duly inscribed on the Church record as members. Membership is open to all persons without regard to race or social standing who openly confess personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before the Church in any church worship service. New members must complete an orientation class taught by this Church before being added to the roll. Members must be baptized by immersion (unless physically hindered) in obedient faith in Christ, the only source of salvation. If the baptism is not performed by this Church, a letter of transfer from another church of like faith and practice indicating membership, or a verbal statement of such membership (if a letter is not available) must be presented before membership can be granted.
  • Candidates for membership must meet the requirements regarding salvation and baptism. 
  • Candidates for membership must express their intention to join the church during a worship service with the church.
  • Candidates must attend the church's New Member Course and sign the membership covenant. 
  • Candidates must commit to upholding the Church Covenant
  • The Deacons Committee, seeing the need of a way to restore Church membership, recommended and passed (12/13/20) that former members, removed from the rolls, can restore their membership after 3 months of being in good standing and resigning the church covenant. 
  • The Church can remove any member not in good standing after attempted contact and Church vote. 
  • Please contact the Church if you would like more information.